Ideal for care, therapy and
transport: the Curalizer®

The Curalizer® is a comfortable mobilization chair that combines optimum functionality with simple operability. It can be adjusted in one continuous movement from comfortable resting position to standing aid. The working height can be adjusted individually in each position, guaranteeing medical staff a back-friendly working posture. The Curalizer® with its excellent steering mechanism is ideal for patient transport.

Product videos of our Curalizer® mobilization chairs

Curalizer® Arne

The mobilization chair Curalizer® Arne can be used in resting and stand-assist positions. The position, and the working height, can be adjusted easily in one smooth movement.

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Curalizer® Bruno

Curalizer® Bruno, which is fitted with an electric motor, can be adjusted easily in one continuous movement, enabling patients to move from a comfortable lying position to a stand-assist position. This provides the additional support required to mobilise heavy persons.

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Intuitive handling

The mobilization chair Curalizer® is characterised by its especially easy, intuitive handling. Depending on the model, the desired working height is adjusted either electromotively or manually, or – supported by a gas spring – by operating a foot lever. In the electronic model, a modern battery system ensures high-performance operation and safety. Taking a maximum load of 230 kg, the Curalizer® is also suitable for obese patients.


adjustment system

Simple adjustment from resting position to standing aid in one continuous movement.



Intuitive, ergonomic handling using a manual switch or foot lever.



Supports a back-friendly working posture for medical staff.

Thoughtfully designed to ensure safe
and secure patient mobilisation

With its all-round qualities, the Curalizer® is suitable for all care-related and therapeutic uses in everyday clinical routines. The patented mechanics allow for smooth adjustment between any seated and laying position. The back rest adjusts simultaneously as the seat inclines, preventing the patient from slipping out. Swivelling armrests allow for barrier-free lateral patient transfer.

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