Early and initial mobilisation

with the Mobilizer® Medior

Living means moving. With an early initial mobilization, seriously-ill patients increase significantly their chances of recovery. Furthermore, a German guideline says, that mobilisation should take part within 72 hours after admission to intensive care.

Early and initial mobilization play a decisive role in rehabilitating patients in intensive care. The therapy and mobilization chair Mobilizer® Medior has been developed precisely for this purpose. Featuring a patented length adjustment system and seat tilt, the chair facilitates verticalisation of the body in one continuous movement, allowing the patient to be mobilised and moved into a standing position at a much earlier stage in their rehabilitation. With our therapy chair Mobilizer® Medior, an early mobilization is safe and reliable even with ventilated intensive care patients.  The Medior combines the functions of a recliner, a wheelchair and a standing bed. It can be moved to the hospital bed in lying position and adjusted to its height. With a transfer aid like our rollboard, the patient can be securely transferred to the Mobilizer® by nursing staff. Now, the patient can then be moved gently, securely and ergonomically over the sitting position into a standing position.

The mobilization process reduces typical diseases that occur after longer immobility of patients, thus reducing the risk of their developing pneumonia. Due to the accelerated recovery process and the reduced maintenance effort, enormous economic savings can be recorded: patients can be discharged sooner, hospital rooms can be re-used more quickly.


Our sales rep presents mobilisation with Mobilizer® Medior

Unique technology for continuous verticalisation

One of the innovations of the Mobilizer® Medior is its verticalisation system, through which the patient is moved from a seated position to an upright position in one continuous movement. This type of verticalisation is based on natural motion, and is therefore better tolerated by patients than a tilting table movement. Fear is avoided in patients with perception problems, vigilance and spatial orientation skills increase. At the same time, the chair’s smooth height adjustment system has ergonomic advantages for clinic staff, reducing their own risk of injury. Illness-related absenteeism is reduced, and staff are more prepared to carry out patient mobilisation regularly.

Innovative technology

Patented length adjustment system with seat tilt; continuous verticalisation system; easy to operate.

Optimum therapeutic support

Initial mobilisation can take place early, during the patient’s stabilisation phase; improved decubitus and pneumonia prophylaxis.

Improved work ergonomics

Back-friendly handling, resulting in better acceptance among staff.

Vibration therapy in neurological rehabilitation

Early and initial mobilisation plays a decisive role in the rehabilitation of severely affected patients. In this phase, the innovative Vibration Module provides effective support. Installed in the footplate of the therapy and mobilisation chair Mobilizer® Medior, the module generates oscillations by means of vibration.

Mobilizer® Medior in 360 degrees

Faster therapeutic results thanks to innovative functions

The Mobilizer® Medior goes well beyond the possibilities offered by a conventional mobilisation chair. The smooth adjustment between the lying down, sitting and standing positions is ground-breaking in working towards early verticalisation among patients. The integrated length adjustment system counteracts the shearing forces and thus eases regular changes in position. The fact that the duration of treatment is reduced ensures that the purchase of a Mobilizer® Medior will soon recoup its costs. Our sales team will be happy to advise you.