Safe patient mobilisation
with Mobilizer® Norbert

The Mobilizer® Norbert combines the functions of a stretcher and a mobilisation wheelchair. Norbert allows a patient to sit up safely and securely. A safe mobilisation of patients of weights up to 230 kg is possible, therefore it is suitable for mobilization of obese patients in intensive care. Like all our Mobilizer® and Curalizer®, Norbert can be adjusted continuously without steps for an optimal patient mobilisation.

Mobilizer® Norbert – Mechanical or electromotive

The stretcher wheelchair Mobilizer® Norbert is available in two variants: the mechanical equipment option with a pumping handle or the electromotive equipment option with a battery system. The electromotive adjustment is done by means of a hand switch. In combination with a position-independent height adjustment, it influence positively the working ergonomics and facilitate the handling with obese patients. If required, the optinal height adjustment is also available for the mechanical equipment option.

Watch our product video for Mobilizer® Norbert:

Mobilizer® Norbert in 360 degrees

mit electromotive height adjustment

Patented seating concept with length adjustment

The armrests of the mobilization chair can be swivelled to the back for a barrier-free lateral transfer. The patient remains in a stable position during any adjustment of the backrest, without any need to reposition during the process. Shearing forces in the patient‘s back area are avoided and the effort of the care staff is reduced through the minimization of repositioning. This technique contributes significantly to decubitus prophylaxis.

Innovative technology

Patented length adjustment system with seat tilt; continuous verticalisation system; easy to operate.

Optimum therapeutic support

Initial mobilisation can take place early, during the patient’s stabilisation phase; improved decubitus and pneumonia prophylaxis.

Improved work ergonomics

Back-friendly handling, resulting in better acceptance among staff.