A real plus in therapy:
the Vibration Module

Early and initial mobilisation plays a decisive role in the rehabilitation of severely affected patients. In this phase, the innovative Vibration Module provides effective support. Installed in the footplate of the therapy and mobilisation chair Mobilizer® Medior, the module generates oscillations by means of vibration. These oscillations, which are transmitted to the patient via the soles of their feet, positively stimulate their motor skills, sensory skills, alertness and bone metabolism – and thus have a positive effect on the overall course of therapy.

Why Vibration?

When we walk, we are exposed to vibrations that give us clear statements about the quality of the ground. The vibrations from the ground travel through our whole body. This stimulus is missing in coma patients and in those who are sedated or paralysed.

The Vibration Module replaces the lost stimulus, thus improving the patient’s sensory perception, the body orientation and communicative abilities.



Supports alertness, consciousness, and stimulation of brain activity.



Improves motor skills, reduces spasticity.

Pneumonia and

thrombosis prophylaxes

Has a secretion-stimulating effect; strengthens venous reflux.

Vibration as an opportunity for early and initial mobilisation

So-called whole-body vibration is proven to have a positive impact, especially on comatose and vegetative patients, stroke patients with hemiplegia, and sedated patients. Complementing the Mobilizer® Medior with the vibration plate therefore represents a real opportunity in the early and initial mobilisation of severely affected patients.

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